Landscape Maintenance & Design

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Foundation Planting-Plantings of trees, shrubs and flowers around the foundation of your house or building to add color and to beautify your house.

Screen Plantings-Plantings done to give privacy from a neighboring property of privacy from the road.

Patio Plantings-Plantings done in the patio area to add color and to beautify your patio area.

Boarder Plantings-Plantings done around the boarder of your property to distinguish property lines, to beautify your property and sometimes to soften the look of a fence.

Annual/Seasonal Flower Plantings-Plantings of flowers to add color to an area and are usually done in spring and fall.

Perennial Flower Plantings-Planting of flowers that come back on their own year after year.

New Lawn Plantings-Done with either seed or sod.